For Sony things were not looking great going back to the Games Show. Their eagerly anticipated Playstation 3 games system was being unveiled by Sony and the demonstration units spluttered and dying right and left. This was news thinking about the recall of the lithium ion batteries of Sony. The problem was The Playstation 3 console was overheating.  There were reasons why the consoles took to overheating, that did not have anything to do. The Tokyo Game Show was sexy to begin with. Will be aware that it is a time of the year and the place lacked air-conditioning. There were 200 Playstation 3 in activity near one another which is inadequate preparation on the part of the organizers. All of the games have been sealed to prevent anyone to make matters worse. This means that there was no way that the fans, which were working fine could get rid of that heat.

It seems obvious that in cases in conditions consoles using 200 they would overheat. It looked bad. Representatives from Sony all over the place stated gamers were skeptical and that there were not any issues. To make things worse was the recall of this lithium. The batteries were overheating and bursting into flames! This resulted in a recall of almost seven million batteries which was an enormous blow to Sony. Critics commented that Sony was aware of this issue but did not act fast enough and the recall might have been avoided if they had. Taking this into consideration, it did the reputation of impact Sony together with the demos at the Game Show. With the Playstation console choking away and batteries investors decided to pull out. Then Sony’s share price dropped 2.75 percent is given in the website

The good news appears to be that their machines have not been reported by anybody. It might have been a fluke. In view of the range of reasons the consoles got in the Game Show over heated, none of which appears to be down to all lack of customer confidence and press and the machines themselves blew it way out of proportion. It has been experienced by many players that after prolonged gaming, sometimes 48 hours straight playing a variety of games on the Playstation 3, there was no problem to report. The fans continued to operate there was air coming from the trunk, it got hot as consoles do, but not hot and no problem was detected. The problems delirium because of complete lack of sleep and video game signs and were eyes, backs and thumbs. Ultimately if you do not believe Playstation 3’s shortage overheating issues have a look at the gaming forums; you would not hear anything about PS3.