With the three different ways of safeguarding generally being freezing, canning and drying, the lone strategy that keeps food in its raw state nutritionally talking is the drying technique. That is, in the event that it is done appropriately.  Drying fruit is probably the most established methods of saving extra, and furthermore simple. Whenever done appropriately, dried fruit can be protected with minimal nutritional misfortune for a long time. The vast majority comprehends that canned and frozen food just last about a year and no more, and would not consider utilizing 5 year old canned food, for example.

As of late, I opened a container of dried peaches that I had dried in September of 1999, and to the incredible pleasure of my kid, who was brought into the world in 1999, we delighted in certain peaches that were collected and dried 13 years prior.

Nuts and Dried Fruits

I know, a few group may think, yuck they must’ve been yucky or dark, or whatever. They were not!

The benefit to drying fruit at home the common way is that YOU control the temperature, the nature of fruit, and the utilization or non-utilization of synthetic substances simultaneously. When drying fruit at the ideal temperature range, the fruit holds its tone, catalysts, taste, and generally speaking nutrition.

Drying fruit effectively can protect the fruit for a long time, instead of the standard suggested one year. It is similar to the grain that was found in some Egyptian burial places that actually grows on the grounds that it was safeguarded appropriately by dirjournal.

Presently, some nutrition and taste might be lost on more seasoned fruit, however generally, it is flawless when done effectively.

The 13 year old peaches that we opened as of late were incredible – we cherished them, and they are a similar brilliant shading they were the point at which I initially dried them.

One note about drying fruit as long as possible: in the event that you need your dried fruit to keep going for over a year, dry it longer, until it is fragile, not bendable. If you are drying fruit more for transient use, at that point leaving it milder is fine, and can be more agreeable for a few.

Drying fruit is simple, with the correct hardware. Not all food dehydrators are made equivalent. We utilize an Excalibur dehydrator, since the fan blowing from the back does not course the air, which is more compelling in drying fruit.

In this way, generally the fruit is cut into 1/4 inch pieces, and laid on the sheets to dry. Honey bee Beyer’s book, Food Drying at Home the Natural Way, is the best book regarding the matter, as I would see it, and really expounds on any varieties in cutting and drying times.